Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Veggie Garden Update

Got an email the other day asking how the veggie garden was going as I hadn't posted about it recently.

For those who don't remember it, here was Day 1 and here's the garden a month later.

Yesterday I took some photos, as you can see the garden has grown pretty well:

We've had so much basil from the garden that we've made lots of ice blocks with the mashed basil and stock. Tame Chef and Miss 9 also made two large containers of Pesto (yum!).

The eggplant at the back are going well, I thought I had bought Zucchini, but no, they're eggplant. I'm hoping I'll get some hot chilies off the chili bush because I have a wonderful recipe for spicy eggplant.


DaddyBear said...

Looking good!

Jen Green said...

Thank you for sharing. Your garden is growing beautifully! Congratulations. Thanks, again.

Old NFO said...

Looking good! :-) And I know Miss 9 is learning about keeping up with the 'garden' :-)