Friday, August 3, 2012

Along These Lines: How knot too right ...

As the new school year approaches, I would like to undress you all today concerning a serious education problem facing this nation — the inability of the younger generators to write properly.

It’s a very disturbing trend, because there is a vast suppository of knowledge lodged in the collective minds of today’s youth who desperately need to espresso themselves better.

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Old NFO said...

Sigh... It's NOT just going on up here... I blame a LOT of this on the whole phonics thing!

JC said...

What is it, Poe's Law? that says that there is a fine line between parody and fanaticism? (

Thanks for visiting me in Texas. We may seem a bit upside-down to you, but the problem is reciprocal.

Could be tricky in person, though. That whole upsidedown kinda thing.

BobG said...

Back when I spent some time doing tech support I used to get emails that made that post look like an English major's thesis.

Crucis said...

**Snort!** Or, in my case, it's just typos and poor editing.

I wish.


Julie said...

I've set Miss 10 the homework of correcting it :)

She managed to pick up most of the "errors" so far, which is impressive.

The only part I'm not sure about is the "our grating vice-presidents ...". I'm sure that "grating" should be replaced by something else and I'm convinced it's not "greatest" - so any ideas?

Along These Lines ... said...

Thanks for linking!

Suldog said...

Yes. I've come upon more and more real examples of this sort of "writing" as more folks have taken to using speech-recognition software. Wonderful invention for folks without the ability to type, but not so much for the lazy sots with less-than-perfect diction who just choose not to type.