Saturday, April 22, 2017

Adventures with a Thermomix #1

I've finally did it.  I bought a Thermomix TM31 second hand from a lady who likes cooking the "old fashioned way".  My hubby and a dear friend contributed to the cost, so it's actually an early birthday present.

So today I decided to give it a go.

Now, when you buy one new, I believe, that the lovely Thermomix Consultants deliver it and help you get started.  This, of course, doesn't happen when you buy one second hand.  So I'm relying on the books that came with it, and the internet to get going :)

Fitting it all together wasn't that hard - especially after reading the bit about putting the sealing ring in the lid.

The first thing I tried it in was milling some cardamon seeds as I was going to cook Biryani Rice from the Meat on the Menu cookbook.

However, I quickly discovered that this wasn't appropriate for a complete beginner as it had instructions like "Cover with lid and Varoma dish containing half cooked potatoes and eggs".

Neither potatoes and eggs were in the ingredient list, and I didn't actually want potatoes, and I wasn't sure if the "half cooked" referred to the eggs as well as the potatoes, and if I didn't want to do this, what lid was I supposed to use? You can see my problem - remember, complete beginner.

So I flicked through the other books that I received with the machine and found the Everyday Cookbook, which seems to be more targeted at my level.

On page 22 it told you how to make Cooked Rice, so I used those instructions with the spices recommended by the Biryani recipe and I'm now waiting for it to cook.

My only complaint so far, is that it is pretty noisy :(

UPDATE:  When it finishes it yells at you until you turn the speed off :)    Rice tastes yummy, but 400gm of rice was a bit too much.  Next time I'll stick to 300gm.

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