Sunday, April 2, 2017

From Miss 15 - Day 12 in Japan

We had the AFS chapter picnic today and it was lots of fun, we went on the train and it took forever, when we got off the station was quite crowded, we walked outside to a massive park and i took a photo of the shrine entrance.

then we walked into the entrance to the actual park and it was quite packed

and we found the aAFSers and followed them into the park,
we met everyone else when we got there and we all sat down, we introduced ourselves and our families to the group, then we ate lunch and played games. Then we finished and micah's and my families walked together to look at the shrine and as we were walking out of the park it was jam packed.
We walked to the shrine but it was under construction so I took a photo of the entryway
then after we went to the shrine we walked to the train station and that was crazy, we waited in the entrance for about 20 mins before getting to the gate
then once we got off the crowded train we had to cross the shibuya scramble, - im pretty sure its shibuya but idk
then when we got off the train at our local stop it was finally less crowded, and we walked home and saw the cherry blossom festival.


Old NFO said...

That station is ALWAYS a mess... And the crowding in the parks is normal. Remember, Japanese have no concept of personal space.

Les said...

yep coming from roly you will find it a little crowded have a great time love lesxxx