Sunday, March 22, 2009

Range Report #12

It was a good shoot today. They left the course very similar to last week's Trophy Shoot (although we didn't have the "flip the coin" stage). They had rearranged some targets and added some more no shoots.

There were four stages. The first stage has a swinger (the one I managed to get the D on last week). This week I got 2 As! I shot the rest of the stage okay (2 Cs the rest all As.)

The second stage was pretty much unremarkable however, I shot today with my boss/friend Steve and he pointed out that I was not holding the gun correctly. Apparently I'm holding my left hand down low.

The third stage also had a swinger, managed a C & D on this one (but I did send 5 shots downrange at it). I'm not sure which shots connected. One of the challenging things about this stage was that there were three targets one step to the right of the starting box, and then a short run to the next group of targets - a popper and a paper target. So the decision was whether or not to do a reload between the two steps of targets or not. I'm normally pretty good with poppers, however this one was a small one, in the end I decided to take the risk and not reload and it paid off. I hit the popper on the first shot.

The fourth stage again was quite challenging as they had put two small poppers and three paper targets behind a board with two portals in it. Prior to this was a set of three targets all with no shoots on them. Unusually I got two of the no shoots and, in addition to the no shoots, I managed to only get one shot on one of the targets. However, I managed to get the targets behind the portals without a problem!

Enjoyed the shoot and my friend Steve pointed out two things I need to work on - one is getting the left hand up higher and the other is that i left go of the gun with my right hand when I'm doing reloads. We worked out that this is due to me using both thumbs to operate the mag release (I've got an extended release on there but I still struggle with it). I have to practice only using my left hand for this.

So lots of "dry fire" work ahead of me.

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Old NFO said...

Good job Julie, and you learned of a possible problem, so work on that before the next shoot. That is one of the benefits of competition shooting, is people are willing to help you improve and can see the "little" things you don't realize you are doing! :-)