Friday, November 13, 2009

A Day of Visiting Gun Shops

This is the first day this week without nausea and dizziness so I decided to take my husband with me and go gun shopping!

The pretext was to find a gun (or two) for the girls.

Our first stop was Barry's Firearms in Beckenham.
- Barry had a really nice little Savage. It wasn't the Savage cub but we thought it could suit the girls.

Second stop was Roy Alexander and Sons in Maylands.
- There was a lovely little single shot Sterling there for a REALLY good price. We couldn't resist so bought that. I guess I'm going to be trialling the new licencing process earlier than planned!

Third stop was Claremont Firearms in Bibra Lakes. (This was my first visit to this gun shop but Bob came highly recommended and I can see why).
- He had a bolt action Mossberg with a synthetic stock which he thought might be suitable for the girls (I had phoned him yesterday) and after seeing him we agreed.

We then went and picked the girls up from school and went and visited gun shops again.

First stop was Clarement Firearms.
- The girls liked the look of the Mossberg but it was too long in the stock for them (about 5cms too long). We discussed cutting it down, but Bob's recommendation was to wait a couple of years before getting the girls a rifle.

We then decided to go across to Barry's to see how the Savage measured up.
- Again the girls liked it, but again it was about 5cm too long in the stock. Being a wooden stock it would be easier to cut down but I'm not convinced that is the way to go.
- Barry also had a wonderful small 410 Shotgun - didn't ask the make, but have just done a quick google and found it. It's a Rossi Tuffy 410 Shot Gun. Seriously cute!!! The one we were looking at was sold :( But Barry said he's got more on order, so I've put my name down for one when they come in.

Third stop was Beaton's Firearms in Maddington.
- Zane had the Savage there and a small Browning. The Savage was the best fit but still needed to be cut down. We discussed the Savage Cub but at only $20 less than the Savage and being a single shot only we decided it wasn't worth bringing in from the Eastern States.

So at the moment the choice seems to be the Savage and cut it down for them or search out of state.

I would love to get my hands on a CZ Scout to see how that fitted the girls, as well as the Henry Youth and the Ruger 10 22. These are my current favourites based on what I've read but they just don't seem to be stocked by anyone here.


Old NFO said...

A Ruger 10/22 is an OUTSTANDING starter (and growth) rifle. You can get a variety of stock sizes, that can grow with the kids.

Julie said...

I've heard this from a few people Jim but I'm struggling to find one for sale in Australia! I'm going to keep looking though.

Unknown said...

One plus on the Henry Youth Lever action is that you can later order a full sized replacement stock as the girls grow!