Thursday, November 5, 2009

Had Some Cops Knock on the Door Today

Which was a bit of a surprise.

Apparently the letters I send in December 2008 to Firearms Branch transferring gun support for my husband's & my pistols weren't received and they were chasing up to see if we were members of a gun club and where our guns were supported.

Luckily we both had our club membership cards to hand and I also managed to find copies of the "Transfer of Gun Support" letters.

They were very friendly and nice about the whole thing but it did surprise me that it has taken just under 12 months for them to chase up the paperwork and it's always a weird feeling (for me anyway) when cops pull up in the drive-way.


LSP said...

At least they were friendly...

Old NFO said...

Well, I'm not sure what that says about their efficiency, but at least they were polite!