Friday, April 16, 2010


Some blogger somewhere recently asked for advice as to which organisation to donate money to if they didn't stick to a goal. They wanted something that they wouldn't normally support but were it wouldn't be too bad if they ended up having to donate the money there (if anyone knows who I'm talking about please leave a note in comments).

Anyhoo ... I have just heard of a website called Stickk ( - which doesn't apparently work well with Firefox). The purpose of this website is to help you stick to goals. You can set a goal, choose your stakes and they will automatically deduct the money from your credit / debit card if you don't report in that you reached your weekly goal.

The money can go to - Charities, Anti-Charities, Friend or Foe.

So I thought I would have a look at what it decides a charity is, vs an anti-charity.

Charity List
- American Red Cross
- Doctors without Borders
- Feed the Children
- Freedom from Hunger
- Multiple Sclerosis Society
- United Way

Anti-Charity List
- Americans United for Life
- NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation
- Nature Conservancy
- The National Center for Public Policy Research
- Freedom to Marry
- Institute for Marriage and Public Policy
- Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
- NRA Foundation
- George W. Bush Presidential Library
- William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library
- The Countryside Alliance
- The League Against Cruel Sports
- Stop Climate Chaos Coalition
- The Scientific Alliance
- Centre for European Reform
- The Campaign for an Independent Britain
- Centre Forum (Liberal Democrat)
- Policy Exchange (Conservative)
- The Fabian Society (Labour)
- The Arsenal Fan Club
- The Chelsea Fan Club
- The Liverpool Fan Club
- The Manchester United Fan Club

Lol ... they do at least seem to offer choices from both sides of the political fence.

I was disappointed however not to see PETA listed on the anti-charity list - I really think that would encourage me to stick to my goals :)

If you choose Charity you don't find out which charity actually gets your money, if however you choose Anti-Charity you can then select which one gets your money.

Once you've made a "commitment" you can't change or edit the contract - I'm wondering if this actually works for people?

Will the automatic deduction of money out of your bank account to a charity you do / don't support really make you focused on achieving a goal? What do you think?

Oh, and where would you choose your money to go?


Old NFO said...

I'm sorry, but I ONLY give to charities of MY choice... and no, I really don't think this will help people. The only thing that will is WILLPOWER! :-)

Berys said...

Julie I am with Old NFO I think it is WillPower and to be in the right Mindset .. and thankyou for your coment on my Blog you leaving it meant a lot to me