Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mmm Cooking

I had a chat with the girls over the weekend and had asked them if there was anything else that they wanted to do on the school holidays that we hadn’t got around to. They both said, “cooking”.

As yesterday was the last day of the school holidays, we organised uniforms and school stuff and we then decided to do some cooking.

Miss 8 helped me cook some of the goat I had brought back from my recent trip. We did it in the slow cooker with diced tomatoes, mixed herbs, olive tapenade, black olives and a dash of red wine. We had pierced the leg and pushed pieces of garlic into it as well. When I took it out of the slow cooker it just fell off the bone. We’re both looking forward to tasting it tonight (hubby doesn’t like any game animal and Miss 6 says she doesn’t either).

The sauce looked pretty rich, so before serving I will add some vegetables and maybe a can of chickpeas or butter beans. I also have some field mushrooms in the fridge that need to be eaten so I might grill these and serve the goat over the top.

Miss 6 LOVES spaghetti bolognaise, so she helped me make the sauce. She actually did very well. She normally only manages to “help” for 5 minutes before wondering off. However yesterday she sautéed the onions and browned the meat mostly without assistance. There were also the nearly continual taste tests that occurred through the cooking process. The girls had it for dinner last night and breakfast this morning! And I bet Miss 6 will want it again for dinner tonight!

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