Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CCW - in Australia

There's a poll up on the Liberal Party website calling for the introduction of CCW.

The idea proposed is:

Despite governments putting more and more police on the street in the CBD of melbourne and getting "tough" on crime, violence is still on the rise. Being under Common Law, Australians' rights are spelled out in the Magna Carta. One of the rights in the Magna Carta is self defense. In the U.S., carry concealed weapons permits have been successful in deterring criminal behaviour, and reducing crimes since potential victims are now able to defend themselves. Criminals think twice. The Liberals party should look at allowing law-abiding adults, with no criminal records the ability to carry concealed weapons in an effort to deter criminal behaviour.

Apparently "if this idea reaches 100 supporters, the relevant Shadow Parliamentary Secretary will post a response."

Oh, it's just got to 100 ... now, "If this idea reaches 500 supporters, the relevant Shadow Cabinet Minister will post a response."

Ohh, this could get interesting.

UPDATE: At the current time only 222 people have registered to 'support' the proposition. I am surprised. I would have thought that given the number of firearm owners in Australia more would have been willing to put their name to this proposal, if for no other reason than to remind the Liberal party that there are a lot of voters out there who are firearm owners.

Some commentors on another shooting site think that people might be scared that registering for the website is registering as a supporter of the Liberal party. Well, if they put forward this proposal as an election promise then they will have my support too.


Suldog said...

I've always been in favor of right to carry laws (which exist in some portions of the US of A, but not others.) The statistics concerning less crime in such areas is very convincing.

DaddyBear said...

Good for you guys! Our right to keep and bear arms is at least partially an outgrowth of the English Common Law's right to self defense. I hope this goes through in your government.

Crucis said...

The evolution now beginning in the USA is Constitutional Carry like that recently enacted in Arizona and previously in Alaska and Vermont. There are only two states that do not have CCW, Illinois and Wisconsin. There is a bill in the Illinois legislature now for CCW. I don't know about Wisconsin. I have relatives in Illinois and I grew up there.

But, still, little by little you down in Oz can get there if you organize and act.

Go for it!

Old NFO said...

Can we hit it??? :-)