Thursday, May 20, 2010

I think that was a good decision

Miss 8 loves reading books - preferably science books and biographies (she read one recently on 100 great scientists).

Booktopia (great place in Australia to buy books) had a sale the other week and there were some books from a series called "Blast to the Past".

These are stories written around famous people in the past. I bought the ones on Alexander Graham Bell, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Franklin. They arrived the day before yesterday.

She immediately started on the Bell one and this morning she still had her nose glued in it as she walked down the steps from the front of our house into the car :)

So if you're looking for captivating books for a good young reader I can recommend these!

Note: This is what she's reading when taking a break from her current favourite non-fiction book - "The Science Book" (by Peter Tallack). This book is a real challenge for her and she's working through it sentence by sentence looking up definitions and synonyms.

Miss 6 meanwhile is making her way through "Polly Princess and the Pony" from the "Usborne First Reading" series. I really like this book for her as the words, on the whole, are "sound-out-able".


DaddyBear said...

That is excellent!!! I've always felt blessed that my kids love to read. And it's great that she's interested in non-fiction at such a young age.

Old NFO said...

Kids reading are worth their weight in gold! They will ALWAYS be better off as they can read for fun, education, or research! Good for them (And you)!!!