Monday, May 3, 2010

Mmm interesting - received from a friend of mine ...

Got into town (Aboriginal community) this morning for more camel shooting.
Was a good trip in the commodore, all went well even hitting 2 roo's with no damage.

Drive into town, go straight to shop for ciggies and food.

Everyone waving and trying to be friendly.... which is odd.

Go outside to the car and get mobbed by heaps of aboriginal's... got in the car, just.

Wind down window and people are trying to give me money.

Anyway being my usual nice self i just said "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE CAR OR I'LL FUCKING RUN YOU OVER" and I drove to the house that I stay at.

Followed by 15 or so indig persons.... running... flat out.

Today I have had at least 30 come knock on the door and offer me money. Can't understand them as they dont really talk they just do this hand signal thingy, sort of like a phone call hand signal.

Anyway, finally had the main boss of the community (white fella) come around and suss me out BIG TIME.

Then the cops.

Apparently word has got out that I have regular Unleaded in my car and not the Opal shit.

And I have been selling it. To the locals.

They can smell the difference a mile away.

Had to park in the middle of town and syphon my tank onto the road. So everyone could see.

Then make a big deal of going to the local roady and filling up with Opal**.

Just got called outside while i was typing this as someone is syphoning my tank.... but Rem (my dog) went off her head.

I have never seen such desperate people. Even women with kids in their arms are asking for some.


For my international readers, most of our aboriginal communities are 'dry'. Apparently there has been a crack down in this one since my mate was there a couple of months back.

** refer to this article for more information on Opal fuel.


DaddyBear said...

Amazing. Your friend drove in with a tank full of regular gasoline, and got mobbed so that the local population could huff the fuel? And then got in trouble for having it? That's pretty sad.

Suldog said...

Totally bizarre! Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't really heard of that problem until I made my yearly trek to Toowoomba for ANZAC.
I know a QLD copper there, and he mentioned it.
I'm a bit curious as to how well that opal gas works in a vehicle.


Old NFO said...

Geez, just one more thing to add to the mix, as if there weren't enough issues... That's pretty sad.