Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday night dinner ...

On Friday nights it is traditional for the girls to have fish & chips. Even though these are "home cooked" I'm not a huge fan.

So tonight, I decided to cook a pizza for the adults (3) for dinner.

I was only going to make one, but in the end decided that having some over for lunch tomorrow would be a good idea, so I made two:

The one one left is made with lebanses bread as a base; a bit of spray olive oil; tomato paste, hot pepperoni, parmasan cheese, black pepper, mixed herbs and black olive tapenade.

The one on the right is the same, excluding the tapenade.

Even though the girls had already eaten a piece of fish and some chips they wanted to try the pizzas. I was surprised that Miss 7 actually ate a piece as she doesn't like spicy things.

These two pizzas disappeared in no time at all. So we decided to make two more ...

These are lebanese bread, spray olive oil, tomato paste, mixed herbs, cooked chicken breast (I always have some in the freezer), pineapple and oregano.

Surprisingly these two disappeared as well!

Nice quick and easy and yummy dinner!


DaddyBear said...

Yummy. Why do I always read your food posts an hour before lunch?

Suldog said...

Why is it that on the days when I've decided to not eat lunch, I invariably browse blogs that show delicious-looking food? Now my belly is complaining to me. Thanks a lot!

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with DB and Sul... dang it... And FRUIT does NOT BELONG on pizza :-)

Anonymous said...

Julie, next time you do that, put a few pieces of your wonderful bacon on there with the pineapple.
Just do a small area to see what you think.
Your bacon is similar to Canadian bacon, which is often used up our way.

Anonymous said...

Rats, that was me a second ago.
NFO, yes it does, so hush.;)
I first had that combo at Coronado.
(daughter a lt-jg)

BTW, "howdy" to the old man.


Julie said...

Glad to be of service guys. I'ld try bacon on them but it's rarely something I have in the house