Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's spend $36b without a cost-benefit analysis ...

That is just what our lower house of parliament has decided today ....

OPPOSITION communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull's amendment to have the national broadband network subject to a cost-benefit analysis has failed in the lower house of parliament.

All four independent MPs and Australian Greens member Adam Bandt voted with the government to defeat the move to have the Productivity Commission scrutinise the $36 billion project.

The amendment was lost 57 votes to 60, with West Australian Nationals MP Tony Crook siding with the coalition.


Crazy, crazy, crazy! Oh and I'm betting the final figure will be way higher than $36b.

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Old NFO said...

Oh joy... pass the bill before you read it? I thought that was only up here... and no CBA, that is just stupid!!!