Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miss 9 Received an Honour Certificate last Friday

For "an excellent exposition on video games". I was surprised, mainly because I didn't think she had ever encountered a video game in her life.

She brought a copy of the article she wrote home last night. The brief was to choose a side - for or against - children playing video games and to write a persuasive article backing up your choice.

Here's the start of the article in her handwriting:

The rest of the article is as follows (including spelling/grammar errors):


Some people say "they help you be fit. they teach you collers, letters and numbers." Some of that is true but it dose not teach you reading because it usely reads things for you so when you are 20 you need to be able to read and wright not just make Mario jump and fight, but some people think the oposite. They make you have more amagenation. But if you have your own amagenation you would read a book, wright a story or mabe even play with dolls. If you have a videogame you will spend all of your money on games but some people say "My child is larning so I will buy them more" but that in real life is more and more and more and mabe more.

They might swear or get realy agresive with you if you dont get them more games or mabe even a phone or a Wii.

With all of my reasons it leads to no I do not want people to play vido games. People all over the world would be alot more healthy.


I'm was very pleased with her effort and approach!

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