Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to make Santa speechless

Miss 9 has a subscription to a children's magazine put out by the CSIRO and as part of it is invited (with family) to a Christmas party at Scitech.

Basically they open up Scitech for at least 3 hours (we left after 3hours), providing lollies and chips and a visit from Santa.

Anyway, Miss 9 queued up the see Santa and Miss 7 joined the line just before they got to the front. Santa asks what they want for Christmas and Miss 7 says a cowboy horse riding outfit.

Santa has a chat to her about this and horse riding etc and then asks Miss 9. She replies that she would like a rifle.

Santa just about freaked. He had to ask her three times to be sure he had heard right and there was lots of "oh umm, erring" going on.

After a bit he sort of recovered and said (looking at me), "I'm not sure about the rifle". I said "I don't see why not, they got one last year."

He responded "Oh, I had forgotten about that" (which I thought was an impressive come back). He then directed the girls to one of the "elves" to get a free pass.

It was quite funny! But I do wish I was videoing it.

BTW Scitech is FUN!


cybrus said...

Awesome! And serious props to Santa for improving like that.

Scott McCray said...
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Scott McCray said...

Oh, that should have been on video - priceless!

Suldog said...

There is a program over here called "Toys For Tots". It's a nice thing, where folks donate toys to be given to needy children who otherwise wouldn't get anything on Christmas.

Now, you must understand that it is, and has been for many years, run by the United States Marine Corp.

This year, I heard an advertisement for it and it said something along the lines of "Please bring a non-violent toy to donate", etc.

A Non-Violent Toy? I have to assume that means anything like a toy gun. It's run by the damn United States Marine Corp. What do they do every day? Hand out violets and lollipops? No! They shoot off guns, lots of them, and big ones, too.

I don't know. The world is making less and less sense to me every day.

Old NFO said...

LOL- THAT would have been an outstanding video :-)

rainbow said...

Miss 9 takes after her grandmother who had to shoot (with her dad) for daily meat (no supermarkets in Africa in those days) from about the age of 9 onwards-with a rifle.
Like the other comments too.