Friday, April 13, 2012

Amazon understatement

Just read this an article on a Basic Gunshot Wound kit (from wizardPC) and although I have thought about it before I've never got one organised.  I do carry a basic first aid kit with me to the range but it wouldn't be that useful if anyone actually got shot.

So as wizardpc had thoughtfully provided links to Amazon I went and ordered all of the things he recommended.

However when I went to checkout I get this lovely bit of understatement from Amazon:

SLIGHT?  You're not going to ship me anything on my order :( I class that as more than 'slight'.

Oh well, I'll just have to see what I can source locally.

Do you guys all have first aid kits in your range bags? If so, what do you carry in them?


ZerCool said...

Not in my range bag proper, but in my truck, which is usually parked about 30 feet (uh ... 10m) from the line.

Basic trauma stuff. Gauze, pads, etc. I'd be comfortable handling almost any GSW until the ambulance arrived.

Linoge said...

I have no idea if Brownells will ship to Down Under (or how long it would take if they did), but check the comments in Wiz's post - I linked to where they sell a few all-in-one kits that might suit your needs.

Julie said...

Thanks Linoge.

I've had issues with Brownells sending things to .au and in one case it took me about 6 months to discover that no they were not going to send me my order - even though I had bought and received the exact same items 6 months prior.

I will have another look around what is available locally and if I can't find anything else, I'll give Brownells another go.

Tam said...

Stupid ITAR. A lot of companies that deal in anything firearms-related just have blanket "no overseas sales" policies to avoid running afoul of ITAR even by accident.

I keep a couple of Israeli Wound Bandages in my range bag along with the usual band-aids, alcohol swabs, aspirin, handi-wipes, and antibiotic cream.

The Duck said...

Israeli combat bandages work very well. 4x4 wound pads, quikclot, duct tape, asherman chest seal.

KurtP said...

I've heard that certain feminine accessories work well (from our Battalion Gunny) for emergency blood sponges/bandages in an emergency.