Sunday, February 22, 2009

ED on a Friday Night

We decided to go out to a local family resturant with the girls on Friday night. I had the girls dressed and in the car and hubby was doing something, when my eldest said "What's wrong with dad?".

I look up to see blood streaming down his face. Apparently, he had bumped his head on the tailgate of the van.

I got a towel, passed it to him and then sat him down for a look - right, umm, okay - "ED here we come!".

The local hospital is about a 15 minute drive, so we get there, I drop hubby off at the "drive through" and then go and park. Walk back with the girls to find him talking to the triage nurse (who, for some reason felt the need to ask each question a couple of times?). Hubby was coherent and was answering the questions okay.

He then got to sit in the waiting room while I dealt with the clerk. Interestingly enough the triage nurse asked for his Medicare care and then the clerk asked for it again (she also asked for our private health details, for some reason I didn't have my card with me - must find it).

There was no one else in the waiting room - which surprised me. Every other time I've been to the ED there's been all sorts of people there.

It's a new location and they had toys on the wall for the girls to play with which was great.

While I was still with the clerk he was taken into the Triage area and shortly afterwards the nurse came to tell me that he had been "fast-tracked" to see a doctor.

By this time the girls were getting a bit restless, mainly because they were hungry. I had no idea how long it was going to take and based on past ED experiences I thought "awhile".

So I called some friends who lived locally to ask if they could pick up the girls and feed them. They were quite happy to do this (thankfully) so we went outside to wait for them.

I had just strapped the girls into their car when hubby walked out!!! Apparently he had seen a doctor straight away and after applying a bit of super glue he was fine to go!!! So got the girls out of my friend's car, thanking him profusely for coming over and we went and got some food.

So see, ED's can be boring and quiet, even on a Friday!


Old NFO said...

Sounds like you were there early... try doing that around 0200 and I'd bet they are full with a line out the door... Especially on the weekend!

Christina RN LMT said...

I hope he's okay now! I'm amazed that everything went so quickly.