Monday, February 9, 2009

Range Report #9

Went up to the range both on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I took a friend who fired rifles as a kid but has never fired a pistol. So we did the standard run through of the four rules, did some basic gun handling with my Ruger 22/45 and then the Springfield. As she mastered each stage I added different things in (like putting in mags, clearing the gun etc). She did very well - hit everything she was aiming at. At the end she said she really enjoyed it and was thinking about doing the training course as she needed a new hobby. She said that she was thinking more along the lines of dancing, but had really enjoyed the day and thought this might be the way to go! My response was "well what more could you ask for: wide open spaces, fresh air, trees, birds, gunfire!" :)

This conversation was conducted in the range next to 12 trainees practising (which sounds like fireworks!). My husband was among the trainees. He has decided to join the club to do metallic silhouette.

On the Sunday I shot with a squad. It was an ICOR shoot at there were at least 45 shooters (which is a lot for a Sunday morning). It was such a windy day - on one stage we had to redo targets, put walls back etc at least four times during our squad's shoot.

I didn't do well at all :( My gun jammed pretty much all the time! I'm not sure why (but I certainly wasn't happy). I think it needs a good clean and hopefully it will behave itself again. Oh, and to make things worse, I wasn't even that accurate.

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