Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leaving it Until the Last Minute

There was a shooting in Herne Hill last night ... it's pretty clear (from the reports to date) that it was self-defence, but it is an interesting read ....


Elderly man shoots burglar at winery in Perth's Hearne (sic) Hill - police

AN elderly man shot one of two intruders at his Perth winery after they broke down his bedroom door and backed him into a corner, police say.

Sergeant Greg Lambert said the 77-year-old owner of a small winery, in Herne Hill, in Perth's east, heard someone forcibly enter his home about 9.40pm (WDT) yesterday.

"He is at home with his totally incapacitated wife, he has heard noises in the house and has heard two men use extreme force to break into his home through the rear security door and sliding door," Sgt Lambert told ABC Radio.

"He was in his bedroom, he has armed himself with his licensed shotgun and he's locked himself in his bedroom with his wife."

The man warned the two men not to enter his room.

"They have broken down his bedroom door and confronted the man," Sgt Lambert said.

"A struggle has happened during which one round was discharged from the shotgun, it's struck one of the intruders on the left abdomen.

"The elderly gentlemen lost the firearm during the struggle, one of the offenders has struck him to the head and forearm.

"It appears he's been pushed into a corner in his bedroom and the offenders haven't taken heed or warning and kept on pursuing him for some reason."

The intruders ran from the house discharging the weapon as they left, Sgt Lambert said.

About 20 minutes later a 34-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the abdomen arrived at Swan Districts Hospital. He was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for surgery and is under police guard.

The 77-year-old man is in hospital, where he is being treated for a broken arm and bruising and cuts to his head, as well as possible concussion.

Police are investigating the whereabouts of the other intruder.

(Emphasis mine)

He heard the breakin, armed himself, locked the door, warned them not to enter - they did ... and it wasn't until they struggled with him that he shot one of them ...

wow ... that's leaving it very late ... but i can totally understand WHY ... here, although you are allowed to use "reasonable" force against burglars - however, the definition of "reasonable force" is often debated.

I think he left it late - you can tell he REALLY DIDN'T want to shoot anyone. I hope he isn't charged or sued. In a later report it says that the Police will be interviewing him tomorrow.


Old NFO said...

I can't believe there would be ANY issue... He had retreated as far as he could, and was only defending himself...

shrinkingkatt said...

He was defending himself, there should be no repuccusions(sp). I would have started shooting earlier.
Poor man I hope his wife and him will be okay.