Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Horror of the Victorian Fires

My thoughts and prayers for those people in Victoria who have been affected by the bushfires that are burning across the state.

With the weather over 40C (Melbourne got over 46C yesterday) and strong winds nine fires are still out of control.

(These are the current fire locations in Victoria - from the Sentinel website).

The death toll is currently 25.

News reporters are saying that they're also seeing lightening in the affected areas - this is never good.


Old NFO said...

Sad to hear Julie- Fires are unpredictable, and with your smaller population, much harder to fight and control as you have smaller forces available.

Home on the Range said...

Julie - when I saw the news article this morning my first thought was that you were OK. The power and fury of the fire is something one can't begin to imagine.

I pray that those you care for are safe and that your countrymen will get a handle on the fire soon.

Julie said...

very true Jim - they're starting to send firemen and SES volunteers across from here now.

thanks for your thoughts, Brigid, thankfully I am on the other side of the country. So far, all my friends and family in Vic & NSW are okay - but many are reporting that their extended families / friends have lost houses.