Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maybe I'm Missing the Point ....

From the news today:

Rudd calls on Australian men to stop violence against women

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has asked a commitment of the nation's approximately 10 million men - to stop violence against women.

The Government had a zero tolerance approach when it came to violence against women, he said.

"Men (should) swear never to commit, excuse, or stay silent about violence against women."

His comments coincide with international White Ribbon Day, which recognises the importance of addressing violence against women.

Australians wanted to live in a community where all women could live free of violence, Mr Rudd said.

"But attitude change does not necessarily lead to behaviour change, the Government's challenge is to try to ensure that it does."

Social justice commissioner Tom Calma says White Ribbon Day contributes to "very real and important outcomes".

"Violence against women is very often a manifestation of wider social problems but there is absolutely no excuse for it.

"It sends a powerful message when more and more men are prepared to stand up and say they are against it."

Earlier this week, White Ribbon Day Ambassador Mark Dreyfus, the member for Isaacs in Victoria, called on members of Parliament to join the My Oath campaign.

"Preventing violence against women requires us to address the underlying issues of sexism, lack of respect for women and a sense of privilege that many men enjoy," he said.

"It requires us to work to change attitudes, emotions and behaviours that support violence such as sexist jokes.

"Beliefs that women are inferior or that some women ‘deserve it’ or were ‘asking for it’ do not simply encourage violence; they create a culture in which silence becomes the acceptable response to violence against women."


So violence (sexist jokes etc) against men is okay????

Surely the call should be for more personal responsiblity and lack of violence against everyone?


Old NFO said...

They should, but will they? Probably not... At least stopping the violence against women (or trying to) is a start! I say give all women instructions in safe gun handling and how to shoot, then REQUIRE all women to carry, all the time. THAT will stop the violence against women!

Julie said...

Now that's at least a sensible idea, Jim!