Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Morning

Sunday morning - the only day that I get to sleep in. Anyway the girls were up and about, they had had breakfast, watched some television and then I heard Miss 8 exclaim that she was off to do a science experiement. Not a problem, she normally doesn't destroy much.

Anyway there's a series of running and jumping sounds going on in the lounge. After laying in bed for awhile I decided to investigate. I walk into the lounge as Miss 6 just jumps over her dressing gown cord strung between a small chair and the coffee table.

She turns to me and goes "I need a horse!".


Short time later I am talking to Miss 6 about something and she says "How old are you?", before I had a chance to answer she says "24! Or is it the other way around?".

Cheeky kid!

Oh and Miss 8's science experiement was to see if water drips out of an eye dropper or stays in there when it is filled and held. All safety done over the sink!

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Gotta love it... :-) At least Miss 8 was not experimenting with anything that went BOOM!