Thursday, September 8, 2011

$2000 and 2 years warranty

Went to a Thermomix demo last night.

For those who haven't had the pleasure, a Thermomix is a very versitile kitchen appliance.

It seems to do most things you'll want a kitchen appliance to do in a very short space of time (well except roasting or grilling).

During the demo we had berry ice-cream; pizza; chickpea soup (mmm that was nice); sundried tomato and capsicum dip; steamed chicken with couscous and lemon pudding! (All in under 2 hours).

The demo was interspersed between discussion on guns and hunting - no the demonstrator wasn't a gun nut, but one of the other participants was. I'm actually not sure what the demonstrator thought - but she was raving on about raw, natural, unprocessed foods so hopefully she wasn't too shocked!

Anyway getting back to the post title. The cost of this little machine was $1939 ... but they only give a 2 year warranty. This worries me. Seriously. I mean you can tell me as often as you like about the reliability of your product BUT if you're only offering a 2 year warranty with no possibility of extension, I do tend to be more than sceptical.

Anyway, as a comparison, I've booked spot of a demo of the Thermochef - it still only comes with a 2 year warranty - but at under $800 that is slightly less worrying.


DaddyBear said...

That's a whole lot of gadget. I'd be cautious about spending so much on one piece of non-industrial kitchen equipment. But then, I'm a neanderthal. I rarely use even a food processor.

Old NFO said...

Interesting and yeah, only 2 years with NO extension is probably not real good...