Thursday, September 15, 2011

A quick trip away

I've just got back from a quick work-based trip to Melbourne.

I must saying flying domestic is so EASY these days. I did an online checkin and only had carry on luggage, so basically only had to get to the airport 20mins before my flight. Then you go through security - bags go on the conveyor for screening, you walk through the metal detector ... I did get stopped for the explosives check on the way over to Melb .. but that only took a min or so. Next thing you're boarding the plane for the flight.

On the flight over I had no one sitting next to me ... and it was only 3.5hrs. However, on the way back I did have someone next to me (harmless enough but couldn't spread out) and the flight was about 4.5hrs (headwinds).

This was my first trip to Melbourne for work with this company and I was pleased that one of the other guys from my office was travelling with me. We stayed at the Rydges on Bell along with another colleague from South Australia.

We met the other people who have been working on this project for dinner on the Tuesday night at the Waterfront restaurant. Stunning, absolutely stunning - in situation, food and company.

After a lovely evening we returned to the hotel for a "not-to-late-night" as we were starting work at 8.30am the next day.

After a day of meetings and workshops we headed back to Perth. In many ways it was a shame that the trip was so short. It seems however that for the next couple of months it will be a regular trip.

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Old NFO said...

Good for you, 'some' travel is always nice... 2-3 trips a month, not so much...