Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday Month

Miss 7's birthday was today, so she's now Miss 8:

Yes, that is a FANTASTIC birthday cake made by Shooting Buddy!

She had a bowling party yesterday with 6 friends. It went well and lots of fun was had.

Miss 9's birthday is next Saturday. However she's already had her "party" - a camping trip with 5 of her friends. She received a very special pressent:

It was a really nice campsite - here's a picture of it in the morning mist:

We had her party early as she really wanted to go camping but the campsite was booked out in September. Luckily we did, because next weekend she's been invited to a Scout camp (she's a cub).


Christina RN LMT said...

Happy Birthday to both of your girls!

Old NFO said...

Happy birthday to both of them! They are growing up quickly! Enjoy them while you can :-)

Les said...

Happy birthday to both the girls love lesxxx