Sunday, September 18, 2011

Country Agricultural Show

My hubby grew up on a farm in the wheatbelt. I've been there once or twice but we've never taken the girls (it's 2hrs from home and seriously there's not much reason to go there). However, I discovered on Friday that yesterday was the town's Show Day.

So hoping that the rain will hold off we decided to head out.

Apart from quite a few "when will we get theres" it was a nice drive, with Miss 10 reading a book all the way and Miss 8 playing on a DS or counting horses.

What amazed me was how green it was. The rain we've had lately has really made a difference - most of the soaks were full and the crops were looking good.

Anyway, eventually we got to the show grounds and had a look around - some of the highlights:

We had a go of the defib machine at the St John's display. Apparently there are three defib machines around the town and they're trying to educate the local people in their use.

Miss 8 trying chest compressions:

The trick riding demonstration was pretty neat too:

And the little train ride was a hit:

The girls really liked the vintage farm machinery and car display. Miss 8 trying one of the tractors on for size:

Miss 10 enjoyed mainly walking around looking at all the different displays and crafts. The girls found a heap of second hand books they wanted at one of the bric brac stores. And we lunched on roo burgers (well Miss 10 and I did anyway, Miss 8 stuck to a normal sausage sizzle and hubby went for the kebabs). The kids free activity tent was also a hit - with the girls getting about 8 temporary tattoos each!

After wandering around and having a good look (we were there for about 5 hours), we decided not to stay for the fireworks but to have a drive around the town instead - here the girls are standing on a street named after hubby's family:

We then drove out to the old farm - it's still currently in the family, but is up for sale. Hubby's relative was home and he was happy to show us around magnificant house. I wish hubby had got a few more pictures of the place. I was amazed at the height of the ceilings (18ft). Here are the girls standing at the front door:

By now it was getting dark so we headed home after promising to get back in touch and visit again!

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Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good time, and I'm glad the girls got to learn a bit of family history and see the 'home place' as we'd call it.