Monday, May 7, 2012

Drunken penguin prank ruined my Aussie dream, says Welsh tourist

That's the title of the "news" article.  Excuse me for not feeling the slightest bit of sympathy for Mr Rhys Jones.

Basically, while DRUNK, cretin Jones and his misfit mate Mules "... were part of a group that broke into the aquatic park, set off a fire extinguisher in the shark tank and swum with dolphins before grabbing Dirk"

Dirk, being a penguin.

The next day poor Mr Jones says "...  I woke up that morning, grabbed my wallet, went to get changed, opened my cupboard and there was a bloody penguin in my cupboard -- in my walk-in wardrobe".

So what did the fine upstanding choir boy do next?  Ring the Police? The Zoo? Animal protection of some sort?  NO.  I mean that might lead to having to take RESPONSIBILITY for your ACTIONS! ... No they " panicked and released Dirk in shark-infested waters."

Sure, yer, right, "let's get rid of it", "let's hide the evidence", "then no one will know" ... we can all imagine the conversation that preceded this bit of upstanding citizenship.

Thankfully, Dirk was found, unharmed (no thanks to these idiots) and returned to the zoo.

Jones and Mules well "They were fined AU$1000, no conviction was recorded and they were allowed to stay in Australia."

Gee great thanks.  Now all the Welsh miscreants back home will be planning on how they can beat this one!

Oh and they're crying into their beer that their holiday was disrupted.  Poor boys.

[Update]Now I was wondering how these poor unfortunates came to be charged, seeing as the "problem of the penguin in the wardrobe" was apparently solved. So I went googling. And, yep you guessed it. They posted it on Facebook! Article is here.[/UPDATE]


Crucis said...

Well, perhaps you could take them fishing...spear-fishing...with the barrier reef. I hear there's all sort of fish out there just waiting for a drunk fisherman...snorkling.

Heh, heh!

Old NFO said...

Should have thrown THEIR asses to the sharks... sigh...