Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why do I own guns .... a few more questions

In my previous post I said that there were really only two valid reasons for owing anything - need and want.

However, when we're talking about guns it seems that these two aren't enough.  For some reason we seem to need to qualify our decision further.  Which is fine by me because I've got lots to say on the topic!

(Can you imagine questioning the next door neighbour about his boat in the way we get questioned about guns:

"Hi Bill ... that's a BOAT", "BOATS kill people.  That girl got seriously injured in that boat accident and now the guy wont pay.  You don't want a BOAT.  People can get KILLED by BOATS. Why have you got a BOAT?  You want to kill people."

"Um, well no, I just want to go down the Swan River with my family on Sunday afternoons.")

Can't see it happening?  Nope, nor can I.  But it is true.  People do get killed by boats, pillows, cars, cricket bats, stairs, etc etc all the time.  However, it only seems that guns (and occasionally) knives draw a level of hysteria that is really out of all proportion to anything.

So I guess I'll answer the MAJOR question first:

"Did I buy a gun to kill someone?"

No, I did not.  The fact that I haven't killed anyone should attest to this.

"Would I ever want to kill someone?"

No, I never WANT to kill anyone.  However, when the choice is clearly them or me/my family I would prefer that the one who ended up dead or maimed was "them".  I am not willing to bear violence without defending myself and I am willing to use whatever tool I have to hand to do this.  This does not mean that I go out looking for fights or put myself in dangerous situations.  In fact, if I never work violence against another human being ever I will be extremely happy.

I believe that avoiding danger is preferable, if that can't be done then running away is the next best thing, if you're not going to be able to do that then you fight and you fight to win.

"Why don't you just call the cops if you can't run away?"

To this question I have two different reactions:

a) It takes WAY TOO LONG for the cops to get to you, even if you were right outside the cop shop, by the time you've relayed the information to the 000 operator (yes, folks, it's 000 here in Australia) and they've contacted the cops it will be over (btw if the guy was armed and you managed to mention this to the operator you'll probably have to wait for the TRG (SWAT) and that will take even longer);

b) I don't understand why something people are willing to "sub-contract" out their safety and well-being to someone else just because that guy wears blue.  Sure he's got a job to do, and I wouldn't want their job.  But you can bet your last dollar his job isn't primarily about you.

So let me restate this so there is no confusion.  I DO NOT WANT TO KILL ANYONE EVER, however, if there is no other alternative open to me then I am willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that I (or my family) walk away.  Whether that involves the use of a gun, a car, a branch or bare hands is irrelevant.

It's not about guns.  Guns are just things.


Suldog said...

a) Cops are not there to protect from immediate harm. They are there mostly to go after those who have already done harm. An armed citizen is a much more effective deterrent to crime upon him or herself than the police can ever be, despite any good intentions on their part.

DaddyBear said...

Well said. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Old NFO said...

Good point, one uses the 'tools' available to protect one's self... And a gun is nothing more than a tool...

Erin Palette said...

"When seconds count, police are only minutes away."

Anonymous said...


the boat example is a very poor argument. The primary application of a gun is to kill. It does not have any other uses. Boats are used for recreation, fishing, travel etc. Sometimes things go wrong and someone will die but it was not the purpose of the boat. When a gun kills someone it has done the right thing. All the items you mention have other primary uses "boats, pillows, cars, cricket bats, stairs". Oviously they can accidentally or puposefully be used to kill but that is not what they are for.

As for the self defense aspect I would ask you to consider some things.
The crime rate in Perth.
The rate of violent crimes.
Your gun should be stored in a gun safe I believe, how long will it take you to access it?
If you don't carry your gun with you (which I don't imagine you are allowed to do) it won't be able to help you anywhere besides at home.
The chance of your gun being stolen and used by a criminal against someone else.
The chance that you carrying a gun will change a non-lethal situation into a lethal one. i.e. the criminal will be forced to use lethal force on you when they may not want to.
What other options are you exploring on the force continuum to defend your self? e.g. a kosh, a taser, pepper spray, etc.
What are you willing to kill for? If a person is robbing you is it worth killing him for $50? What if he is robbing you at knifepoint, now is it worth killing him for $50? What if the person attacking you is a minor?
Do you jog (and sprint)? Jogging will help you to run away when in danger and will help you in other ways as well.