Sunday, October 4, 2009

At the Range

Spent yesterday with trainees up at the range. This is the first week that the Chief Instructor has left me alone for a full session with the trainees and also the first time I've more than two trainees.

The Chief Instructor was off with a group of four "newbies" and I had four trainees who were at different stages in the training process. According to our new training schedule we were up to week 4 of the 12 week program and the focus was on shooting around and through barricades as well as strong / weak hand shooting.

I was really pleased to see that the course designers for the squad shoots had set up a door and some portals, so all I had to set up on my training range was a drum and a hatch. After doing some warm up shooting we focused on one handed shooting for a couple of times (carrying props around the range in one hand) and then moved to opening the hatch safely and also aiming and shooting through the drum.

By this time the stage with the portals had been shot by both of the regular squads and was free for us to play with. My trainees all wanted to shoot this stage twice (it was a well designed stage with poppers, well laid out targets and lots of choices). Everyone did well and shot it safely.

After we shot this one, there was a smaller stage available with the door. Most trainees only had a couple of rounds left my this stage, so we just focused on opening and shooting through the door safely.

It was a great day - but boy, was I tired by the end of it!

Next week there is no training, however the following week will focus on different types of targets (IPSC / ICOR / poppers / steel / swinging and disappearing).

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Old NFO said...

Good practice, and good for 'learning' how to shoot stages. Keep up the good work!