Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hunting ....

Back from my hunting trip (to the same place I blogged about here) ... for hunting there are a couple of things you need ....
1) Gun? - check
2) Permission from land owner? - check
3) Ammo? - check
4) Animals? ... animals? ... who forgot to invite the animals???

Seriously, we only saw 6 rabbits - the closest at about 25m. My friend took shots at them but missed (hehehehe).

THEN it rained for two days .... and the animals obviously had more sense then we did and stayed inside.

So we decided to give the hunting the flick and go visit some friends at Dongara. Fantastic spot - even in the rain.

Even though the hunting was a bit disappointing we did have a great time - especially wildflower spotting. It's wildflower season and there are hundreds of beautiful flowers on display throughout the area ... here's a sample:

The white flowers are everlastings, but I'm not sure what the purple ones are

Field of yellow everlastings

More Everlastings

A collection of purple flowers

Carpet of Colour

A Selection of Yellow Flowers.

The area is famous for the Wreath Flowers

Not only did they come in a wide variety of colours, there were some unusual shapes too ...


Old NFO said...

Pretty! Sorry about the hunting, maybe next time! :-)

LSP said...

Beautiful pix - annoying when the hunting draws a blank but walking about the country with guns is always good.

Julie said...

Hoping so, Jim, I'm actually heading back to the farm Wednesday (with my family this time) to have another try. The focus won't be on hunting but I should get one or two nights in.

True LSP ... actually we generally drive around the property when looking for animals, however this time we did a 2 - 2.5km trek (each way) with the guns slung over our backs (trying to surprise the rabbits). The only downside was that it was over 30degC and the sun really had some bite in it (oh, and the flies!!!).