Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend on the Range

I feel like I've spent the whole weekend at the range - but hey, there's nothing wrong with that!

Saturday was an extremely windy day. I got up the range just after midday and helped the captains for the day set up the range. Due to the wind, however, pretty much everything we set up blew down, so in the end there were three stages consisting just of targets (paper and poppers) - no walls or anything.

I then help the Chief Instructor set up for the trainees. We were expecting six "newbies" for their first training session and up to six others for later training sessions. However, in the end, only two newbies turned up (one of whom who was 14), one guy for his second week and one who was doing week nine of the course. We decided to combine the two groups as the "week nine" guy needed to have some people to practise the Range Officer role on.

It worked well and everyone was having so much fun the trainees didn't want to leave the range at the end of the day.

On Sunday I decided to get up early and go and have a shoot. It was still windy but not quite as bad as the Saturday. The guys had set up four stages with lots of "no shoots". I squaded with great guys so it was a fun shoot. On the first three stages I tried to get the second shot off as fast as possible after the first - however, I did miss a couple of targets doing this. On the last stage I slowed down and aimed the second shot - which resulted in all As.

One of guys in my squad had four friends turn up to see what we did. So after the shoot we had a chat to them and they're all interested in joining the club. Three of the four were women and it's nice to see more and more women interested in shooting.

Four other people had also turned up while we were training on Saturday who are also interested in joining so I'm guessing that training is going to get busy!

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Berys said...

So Glad you are still enjoying shooting I hope you and The Family are doing ok