Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun on the Range

Went up to the range today after work to have a play with a friend's new purchase - a Ruger Charger.

(For those interested it is licensed under the "Club Activities Only" category for Metallic Silhouette).

I first read about this gun in a gun magazine a couple of months back and thought it looked "interesting" but not interesting enough to buy. However, I wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to play with it.

After my friend had sighted it in I got to pull the trigger. I liked the feel of the gun and the trigger, and after the first few shots I hit where I was aiming and the groups were pretty tight (didn't take photos as we were taking turns).

I used the bipod for all except the last 10 shots (between us we shot off 200 rounds). It's not easy to hold or balance without the bipod and I'm not sure that you'll want to do more than 10 shots at a time that way.

All in all, good fun but not on my shopping list.

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Joat said...

Did you remove the bipod when firing off hand? I've looked at these and I didn't find the balance to be as bad as it looks like it should be. It's funny, as strict as the laws are in Australia in some ways they are better than some US states, I know the Charger is banned in California as an Assault Pistol.