Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Hot Day on the Range And the New Guns

Saturday was a busy day with the training (and hot and windy!).

We had seven trainees (out of 11 registered) for the 9am session. We started this session by field stripping a Glock and a Tanfoglio. I was pretty impressed that most of the trainees managed to take the slide off the Glock on their first try - I couldn't do it until about my third. A couple had problems, but all got there in the end.

We did this session as we've got a number of trainees in this group who are complete newbies to firearms and one of the them had mentioned that she would like to see inside a gun and see how it works.

After we stripped them, answered a multitude of questions and put them back together we moved onto the range to shoot.

Unfortunately, we didn't finish until well after 12!

People start arriving for the afternoon session around 1pm, even though we don't start until 2pm - we like them arriving early as it allows us to get them "dressed" for the shooting.

Only six trainees (of the 19 trainees on our books) turned up, but that was okay. The session went well and finished early enough for me to get my two new toys out.

Yes, I took the Rossi Tuffy and my Stirling up to the range. I didn't do the proper "target" test and pictures (way too hot and I was tired out) but I got to shoot them AND most of the trainees had a go too.

Here's the pics (the shooter is the Club's Chief Instructor):

Rossi Tuffy

Oh, and the Tuffy kicked like a mule - the bruise is fading now but it was pretty bad.

Stirling Model 14


Crucis said...

Nice pics. What caliber is the Stirling? A .22lr? I've not heard of that rifle. Is it Australian manufacture?

ZerCool said...

I don't think I've shot a .410 that didn't have some sting to it. Something about 3- and 4-pound guns, often with straight stocks.

Of course, tuck it in tighter to the shoulder so it doesn't get a running start at ya. :D

Nice pieces!

Old NFO said...

Nice description and good practice! And yes, .410s are notorious kickers! TIGHT to the shoulder is the only way to go!

Julie said...

Hi Guys thanks for stopping by. Yes Crucis the Stirling is a .22lr. I believe it is made in the Philippines.

Oh, and it's not a problem with tucking it into my shoulder ... I had an experienced shotgun shooter laugh at me because of the bruises - after he tried the Tuffy he said it had been designed by a pyschopath and was a vicious little thing!

Working on finding someone who reloads 410 to see if they can do some lower powdered rounds for me to try.