Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Really Should Keep Up With What's Going On

After a busy day helping both girls with their assignments, I thought I would take 5 and quickly check to see what was happening.

One of the articles under the WA section was the visit of the Queen Mary 2 to Fremantle - TODAY! Apparently it arrived at 6.30am and was due to leave at 5.00pm. The time, when I read the article was 4.20pm!

So we bundled the girls in the car and drove at an appropriate speed down to Fremantle.

She hadn't left when we got there, but the passenger terminal side of Fremantle near the ship was packed. We drove to the north side of Fremantle and had a look near Rouse Head - again packed, no free parking within 5kms.

Just along the beach a bit further is a brewery / cafe, which, surprisingly had some parking spaces left. So we parked there, got a nice table right by the window - were we could see the ship pass by and the girls playing on the beach and sat back to wait. To pass the time we had some nibbles and a beer or two.

The ship was pretty impressive, especially silhouetted against the sunset. We definitely got a good viewing spot!

We stayed until just on night fall (just after 7pm) and the traffic was still moving slowly, but we managed to get home without too much hassle.


Old NFO said...

And you got to see a piece of history!!! The girls will remember that for their entire lives! Sometimes, the 'best' place is away from the crowds too :-)

Berys said...

Julie so glad you and the Family found such a great spot to see the Queen Mary go Past

it is a memory that will not be forgotten in the years ahead