Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Can Never Tell With People

Saturday, for a nice change wasn't HOT ... it wasn't cold either, but at least I didn't feel like I was standing in a furnace all day (I think the max temp was around 33C).

In the morning we had 9 trainees and full club member joined us for the training course. We also had an extra helper too! This week we did different start positions - sitting, kneeling, prone etc. An old quarry isn't the most comfortable place to do these in, but everyone did well.

Again, I managed to run the group over time ... will really need to keep an eye on that.

However, in the afternoon session where we have 19 people booked in only four turned up! One of these was doing his "safety test", so that left me three trainees. We had a visitor to the club who came to see how things worked, so we ended up letting him shoot too.

Again we did the different start positions and also shooting weak hand / strong hand and practised magazine changes while moving.

It was nice having such a small group, but I'm wondering where the rest of these trainees are!

Next Saturday we have another group starting in the morning, there's currently 5 confirmed for the course and 2 possibles. We actually have another 10 people on the waiting list, but we'll hold off on these for awhile.


DaddyBear said...

I envy you for going to the range so often. I guess once you make a commitment it's easier to get it into the time budget.

Good for you for introducing new shooters to the sport!

Now that your weather will be getting nicer, maybe more people will come to training.

Julie said...

DaddyBear I hope the trainees on our books DO start turning up - we can't put them through the course if they're not there!

Oh, and yes, the training does get me to the range regularly - shame I don't get to actually SHOOT!