Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess what was in the Letterbox Today?

Remember the sage of the licencing of the two firearms I purchased in November last year? (Last blogged about here on Feb 22nd).

Well the basic story is:
* I purchased the firearms late November;
* Submitted the application for licencing on Dec 7th
* Received a (incorrect) letter advising me that they had been approved on Feb 5th;
* Received a revised letter a week later (after calling them)
* And after calling them again to say that although I had received the letter I still hadn't received the 'addition to my licence' which meant that I could pick the guns up. They then sent out a copy of my licence with the new guns on it on Feb 22nd

Well sitting in my letterbox today was the addition to my licence 'piece of paper' which I should have received at the same time as the letter on Feb 5th!!! I'm certainly glad I didn't sit around waiting for this to come!!!

They reckon the system is getting better - but after seeing this, I'm not sure!


Old NFO said...

Well, late IS better than never... At least now you are completely legal, right?

Julie said...

luckily Jim i was legal before because the cop sent out a certified copy of my licence with the new guns listed on 22 Feb - which i then used to pick the guns up. If i hadn't of rung and complained about not receiving my paperwork I would have had to wait until now before i coud get the guns.

MAX said...

I applied for Class A open license for an air rifle and a .22lr on the 18th Feb 2010, Got a letter on the 7th April to ask if I wished to continue and to fit a gun safe cabinet, I had already fitted one and signed of by police so I sent back the letter that day.

Now 20th April Curiosity got the better of me today and I rang Firearms Licensing enquiring on the progress of my application and all I got was a recording saying:
"We are experiencing technical difficulties in processing the backlog of applications and will take in excess of 8 weeks to finalise your application........"
Its been 6 months since they introduced this new system and looks like they still can't get it together.