Friday, March 12, 2010

It Stopped Being Fun a Month Ago

Look, it's MID-MARCH, that means AUTUMN (Fall for you Americans) not SUMMER. Seriously the sun can be turned off now - or at least down!

Perth sweats through near-record 28C night

PERTH sweated through one of the hottest nights on record with the temperature dropping to just 28.1C

The 28.1C overnight minimum was the second hottest March night on record since records commenced in 1897.

By 12.58pm the temperature had soared back to 39.1C, a fraction above the forecast 39C maximum.

Perth Airport had recorded a maximum of 40C and Pearce, about 40km east of the city, recorded a top of 40.3C just after 1pm.

Perth Metro's hottest March night was March 2, 1934 with 28.3C. The average minimum temperature for March is 16.4C.

It was also the eighth hottest night on record and the hottest night since the 29C on February 26, 1997.

The hottest place around the Perth Metropolitan area was at Swanbourne with 28.8C which was their hottest March night since records began in 1993.

According to the Weather Channel the high overnight temperature was caused by a blanket of high cloud which moved in from the Indian Ocean trapping the heat after a blistering day.

“Perth hit 38C yesterday afternoon and then high cloud moved in from the Indian Ocean during the evening and blanketed the city through the night,” says Tom Saunders, Meteorologist at The Weather Channel.

“The combination of the cloud and hot north-easterly winds kept the temperature at almost 30C for most of the night.”

Perth Airport still hasn’t recorded any rain since November 2009, while Perth city has only received 0.2mm so far this year, giving Perth its driest summer on record.

How we sweltered through the night

9pm: 29.3C
10pm: 29.9C
11pm: 29.8C
12 midnight: 30.2C
1am: 30C
2am: 29.6C
3am: 28.3C
4am: 28.9C
5am: 28.7C
6am: 28.6C

By 10am the temperature had soared back to 32.5C and by midday it was 36.8C, just short of 100F.

Article from, emphasis mine.

I would just like COOLER NIGHTS (cooler days would be good too) AND some RAIN wouldn't go astray either - 0.2mm so far this year ISN'T a good thing!


Morris said...

Aww, Julie, tell me about it. Down here in Como my bedroom was unlivable so I ended up sleeping on my couch under the flow of my aircon. Not a breath of breeze last night. Then to add insult it got to 41 today. Word verify is 'resti', which I didn't get much of last night, heh.

Old NFO said...

Ouch- the heat just keeps coming... Hope it cools off soon, AND you get some rain... No rain IS a problem in your neck of the woods...

Unknown said...

Hope it cools down over there in WA. It seems that as soon as March 1 hit e canberra the temp dropped 10 degrees and it has been quite chilly ever since

cocked and loaded said...

Hope you guys get some relief soon.