Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reloading Challenge - Update

Following on from my post the other day ...

I reloaded 10 rounds at each of the following lengths:
- 28.88mm (current press settings)
- 29.12mm (which was a 1/4 turn)
- 29.42mm (another 1/4 turn)
- 29.70mm (another 1/4 turn)
- 30.06mm (another 1/4 turn)
- 30.38mm (another 1/4 turn)

and took them up to the range on Saturday to try.

The best result - good grouping and no tumbling (woo hoo!!!!!) was at both the 29.7 & 30.06 stage. So I have decided to set the press to just under 30mm and try 200 this Saturday.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Cool. I presume the 30.38 length wasn't grouping to your satisfaction.
Nice work.


Julie said...

Hi Skul, no they didn't group very well and they seemed very long. Felt it was wiser to back it off a bit.