Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stop and Search Legislation Delayed - Yippeee

From today's news:

Stop-and-search laws face set back

THE State Government's plans to introduce stop-and-search laws in Western Australia have received another serious set back.

A parliamentary committee investigating the laws has asked for yet another extension to its reporting date.

The committee was supposed to release its findings this week but will now table its report in parliament on October 21 - eight months after its original March deadline.

The delays mean the Barnett Government's hopes of introducing the laws before spring are gone and there is now a possibility the legislation will not be considered this year.

Shadow Police Minister Margaret Quirk said she was not surprised that the committee had reservations about the bill.

"The legislation itself is not complicated, which means the delay could only be as a result of serious questions being asked of the fundamentals and justification for these draconian laws,'' Ms Quirk said.

"I commend those committee members who are ensuring that the legislation is getting the scrutiny it deserves and not just rubber stamping (Police Minister) Rob Johnson's bill.


It's good that this legislation has been delayed.

The idea of allowing the police to stop and search people WITHOUT cause is abhorrent to me.

Hopefully, it will be delayed so long that we can vote out the supporters of the bill before it is tabled in parliament.


Old NFO said...

Yep, that is a move that can be applauded, the alternative is NOT good!

TOTWTYTR said...

How can freedom loving people like the Australians tolerate such bad government as this? Yes, I know I can ask the same question about my own country as well.

This is a bad idea that will make a terrible law.