Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Does this answer the question:

After my long phone calls yesterday I decided to email the airline on their customer support email asking the same question so that if I did decide to bring back the mag I would have something in writing.

My question:
"Hi, I'm booked to fly from Brisbane to Perth next week and I would like to pack a magazine for a pistol in my checked luggage. Are there any requirements that I need to fulfil to do this? Please advise."

Their response:
"Thank you for your email.

When checking-in firearms and ammunition, we recommend that you plan to be at the airport early, so that your check-in can go as smoothly as possible.

To ensure you do not encounter anything that you were not aware of in your travels, please read through the below information so that you are fully aware of the travel requirements you will have to adhere to.
You must satisfy all conditions of the following procedures or the firearms will not be carried by Virgin Australia:

*       You will be required to make written or verbal declaration at the time of check-in advising that the firearms are unloaded and suitably packed for carriage. You are permitted to carry both the firearms and ammunition within one case, as long as they are separated by some form of partition.
*       The firearm must be packed in a lockable case
*       The ammunition must be in its original factory packaging. Alternatively, in the opinion of the Guest Services Leader, it must be safe to travel, that is, loaded in a magazine away from the firearm, in an ammunition storage box/case/compartment. (Please note, if a gun case has been manufactured with an ammunition compartment and is clearly separated by an inbuilt partition when the case is closed, that then constitutes the items as being safe to travel)
*       You may only carry up to 5kg of ammunition

Firearms and ammunition are considered as "Restricted Items", therefore after you have completed check-in for your flight, they will have a "Restricted Items" tag attached which will have to be signed by yourself.

A description of the item and your flight details will be recorded on this tag and attached to the items. A perforated section will also be attached to your boarding pass and the items will then need to be transferred to the baggage sorting room by hand.

These items will not be placed on the baggage carousel at any time for safety & security reasons, and must be signed for and collected from the oversized baggage counter. It is important that you keep your boarding pass with the perforated restricted items tag attached until the items are collected, otherwise the items will not be released.

If your boarding pass is misplaced then you will be required to quote the reservation number in order to claim your restricted items.

I hope this information has helped. For further clarification on this matter or any other queries, please don't hesitate to email us again or call our Guest Contact Centre on the number listed below."

Not sure if this actually answers the question.  Does the magazine have to be in a separately locked box in my locked luggage?  I'm thinking having it posted is going to be easier.

PS Just found out the magazine costs less than $35USD in the States, might see how difficult it is to import a couple.


KurtP said...

It just told me that if I had stolen diamonds, that in that unopenable and sealed box of "DEATH" I could put just about anything as long as I didn't lose the perforated tag that showed I was the owner to pick it up at the other end.

I think you could- as long as it's not touching the gun.

pdb said...

Email me your address! What arrives in a plain brown box with no return address is between you and your God.

Julie said...

Lol pdb ... wish it was that simple. As they're classed as a restricted import I need a the cops approval on a form etc etc etc ...

However, I am going to explore that option as at half the price it makes it worth it. The issue I'm unsure about is whether US stores can send them out of the US. When I last put in a order with Brownells they canned it (after about a year) due to the export hassles.

Julie said...

Oh and the penalty for doing it without an import permit ...

The maximum penalty for importing these goods
without import approval is a penalty not exceeding $275,000,
imprisonment for 10 years, or both.

knirirr said...

It seems to be rather difficult to get a straight answer from bureaucrats on these topics.
I tried in vain recently to see if I could get HM Customs and Excise to tell me if I may import empty cases; the only reply I got was one telling me about the restrictions on importing explosives.

Julie said...

lol knirirr - that's helpful not!

ZerCool said...

Perhaps you should purchase it, unwrap it, fill it with suppositories of an appropriate size, and tell anyone who asks that it's an insertion tool...

Julie said...

hehehe ZC not a bad idea - actually I could combine it with Kurt's comment and use the diamonds to help smooth the conversation!

Sendarius said...

Expanding on what I posted on the other thread:

1. You need a B709 to get the "restricted" goods from Customs once they arrive. These are issued by the police Firearms Branch. You can apply by faxing the completed form.
2. The vendor needs the B709 (as an "end user certificate") to get an export permit
the value of the order is less than some arbitrary US State Dept specified amount (which I believe to be USD150).
3. The State Dept won't issue an export permit if the B709 has less than 6 months validity from date of application.
4. All manufacturers of items in your order AND the vendor have to be licensed by the State Dept to export. Not all have bothered.