Sunday, February 26, 2012

Honest Gun Owner Meme

OldNFO tagged me for this meme ...

The rules are : "I will write down five things that indicate to me that a gun owner or shooter maybe is an honest one.  Then I will tag five other gun owners who are also bloggers and I hope will participate."

Honest gun owner or shooter?  I'm not sure whether it's because there aren't that many gun owners around or whether or not we don't have the 'gun shows' but I've never actually had to ask myself is this person an 'honest gun owner/shooter?'.

However, there ARE people who I will and won't share a range with - so I'm going to equate "honest gun owner/shooter' with someone I would share a range/beer with:

1. They handle guns safely AT ALL TIMES.  All four rules are strictly followed AND they practise the "alcohol and guns don't mix" maxim.  They also clean up after themselves on the range.

2. They can discuss various aspects of guns rationally.  They acknowledge that their favourite gun / ammo / caliber / make isn't the only one in existence and may actually not be the best.

3. They are polite to newbies and let them have a go with their guns after explaining clearly how to hold the gun and how much recoil to expect.

4. They don't assume all women are idiots who only like pink guns!

5. They're willing to pay their way on shooting trips and return invites when they can.

Who to tag that hasn't been tagged yet?

Bob over at The Drawn Cutlass.

DB at DaddyBear's Den.

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Barron at The Minute Men.

And lucky last is ....

and FarmDad at Looking out over the South Section.

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Old NFO said...

All good ones, and I wouldn't have 'thought' about the pink gun thing, since I know women that carry pink guns and they can out shoot me!!! :-)