Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes I wonder why I bother ...

I want to get another 10round mag for my Springfield 9mm.  My other 10 round mags are Chip McCormack 38super mags and they work just fine.  They were ordered from a shop in Brisbane a couple of years back.

I'm going to Brisbane next week, so I thought that I would pick up another one while I was there ...

I emailed the store to check that they have them - they do; I also asked what paperwork I needed to purchase it - none apparently; and if they knew whether I could fly back with it - they suggested I ring the airline.

I check the airline's on-line page.  They say that they will allow the transportation of firearms and ammunition under some circumstances and to phone the service centre for details.

I ring the airline's service centre after the "press 27 numbers in a row" process I get to speak to a woman:

AW (Airline woman): "How can I help you?"

Me: "I would like to know if I can pack a magazine for a pistol in my checked luggage when I fly from Brisbane to Perth next week"

AW: "Can I have your booking number?"

Me: "I don't have it handy, I just need to know if I can pack a magazine for a pistol in my checked luggage."

AW: "A pistol?"

Me: "Yes a gun."

AW: "You want to pack a gun in your luggage?"

Me: "No just a magazine - a gun part."

AW: "When did you book your flight? Did you pay for it by a credit card?"

Me: "I didn't, the company that I will be working for did and I don't have any details with me, I just need to know if I can pack a magazine for a pistol in my checked luggage."

AW: "A magazine for a pistol.  Is that a gun or ammunition?"

Me: "It's the magazine that goes into a gun that holds the ammunition."

AW: "So it's ammunition?"

Me: "No, it's a part of the gun that holds the ammunition."

AW: "What's your surname? Let me see if I can find your booking."

Me:  "I'm not sure what name it would have been booked in."

AW: "Please hold I will see if I can find your booking".

Me: "Actually I can't hold I'm late for a meeting.  I will call back."


Take 2 ....

New AW: "How can I help you?"

Me: "I would like to know if I can pack a magazine for a pistol in my checked luggage when I fly from Brisbane to Perth next week"

AW: "Can I have your booking reference please."

Me: "I'm sorry I don't have those details to hand I just need to know if I can pack a magazine for a pistol in my checked luggage."

AW: "You have a booking?"

Me: "Yes, well I think so, the company I am going to work for are organising that."

AW: "The flight is a domestic one?"

Me: "Yes from Brisbane to Perth."

AW: "Please hold I will need to check"

...... 5mins pass ....

AW:  "Sorry for the delay we haven't had customers wanting to pack just a magazine for a gun before we need to find out.  Please hold."

....Another 5mins pass ....

AW: "How many magazines are you wanting to travel with?"

Me: "Just one."

AW: "One?"

Me: "Yes, just one."

AW: "Will it be loaded?"

Me: "No, unloaded"

AW: "Please hold"

... Yet another 5mins pass ....

AW: "Sorry for the delay, yes you can pack it in your checked luggage. You will need to take your luggage to a service agent at the airport and declare it."

Me: "Thank you.  So I just pack it in the bag and take it to a service desk at the airport.  Do I need to fill in any forms or anything?"

AW:  "You will need to complete a declaration form.  They have them at the airport."

Me: "Thanks and goodbye".

OMG!!!!  Seriously are you telling me that NO ONE has ever asked the question before?  I am now very very nervous about how the conversation at the airport will go ... Maybe it will be easier just to get the shop to post it!

[Update]Said magazine is $75, not sure I want to risk having it confiscated at the airport[/Update]


ZerCool said...

Send it by mail and be done with it.

DaddyBear said...

I'd make sure to have whatever paperwork you need that says you're legal to own firearms in case they ask. But yeah, the post might be a better idea, if that's legal.

Captain Tightpants said...

$75 for a gorram magazine????? Holy crap what the laws have done to you...

But typical of course - same here - if we make it too expensive then we don't have to make it illegal, the peasants can never afford it anyway...

Sendarius said...

You are over-thinking this one.

1. It's NOT a firearm - hence the shop doesn't need any paperwork for the sale.
2. It's NOT serialised - hence doesn't need to be added to a FAL.
3. It is NOT on a list of "Items restricted in air travel".

You COULD legally just put it in your pocket and carry it on board, but some twat security type might wet themselves or worse.

Stick it in your luggage, and don't bother informing anyone - you don't need to do so.

Julie said...

really Sendarius? It was the gun shop who suggested I call the airline.

I know that you need a B709 to import them into Australia (http://customs.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/ImportingAmmoMags.pdf) but you're right, I can't find them listed on the restricted / dangerous goods lists for flying with - only firearms and ammunition.

Will Brown said...

Most McCormack mags (I have a bunch in .45acp) are designed to be disassembled with ease. Buy the thing, take it apart and then pack a loose collection of "machined repair parts" in your checked bag. If you're feeling especially worried, pack some of them in separate checked bags - along with your unlaundered clothing perhaps :).

Even though I'm in Texas, I'm with Sendarius on this concern.

Sendarius said...

Yep, you need a B709 for two reasons;

1. A firearm magazine is a restricted import item - I believe the language customs uses is "Prohibited", but they mean "prohibited unless you have an acceptable reason/use", so I prefer to use "restricted".
2. As an ITARs item, you have to provide the overseas vendor with an "end user certificate" so they can get an EXPORT permit.

If coming from the US, point 2 is modified by a change to the US law adding a lower limit to the order before an export permit is required. I think its USD$150.

None of which has ANY bearing on the status of the item once it has lawfully entered into Australia - neither the firearms laws nor the air transport laws define an unloaded firearm magazine as a restricted item.

In fact even "high capacity" magazines (>10 rounds capacity), supposedly banned, are perfectly legal to OWN. The law restricts ONLY their USE.