Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another "Climate Change" Post

Following on from my climate change post earlier this week, I offer you a ready reckoner to global warning barneys:

Here's the extract to get you started:

The first thing you must do for a rollicking, no-non-sequiturs-barred discussion on climate change is choose from the following two starting points. Let’s call them teams A and B. At all costs, avoid taking the boring middle ground position that it’s an issue of risk management or that the planet must be given the benefit of the doubt. Joe Hockey did so and look what happened to him.

The starting position for each team is:

A: Climate change is real and we are all going to die unless we do “something”. What that something is doesn’t matter, you can make it up.

B: Climate change is not real or at least not caused by people so no action is required.

Once you have chosen the teams, each can try these simple tactics which are based on real arguments commonly advanced by politicians and people in various debating forums.

Could be a fun game to try at the family Christmas lunch!

(This extract is from part way down the article - under the video) ... read the rest here.