Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Legal, But is it Wise

Was chatting to a friend today and have ended up with a bit of a dilemma.

I have booked my car in for a service and I have arranged for a friend to pick me up from the mechanics and take me to the range with him.

I would like to use the time at the range to practise with my .22 rifle, but this would mean that I would need to take the rifle with me to the mechanics and then stand on the side of a main road waiting for him to pick me up.

Now, as far as I am aware, this is legal. You're allowed to transport the firearm from your house to the range (police station or gunsmith) and back again.

But I'm not sure it's wise. The mechanics is about 5 minutes from the local police station and, as I said, it's on a main road. I'm just thinking that there is potential for people to get upset which, more than likely, will result in me having a chat with some nice policemen and, if the worst case scenario, I could end up being charged with something inane - like "going armed in public so as to cause fear" or some such.

Not sure it's worth the risk.

UPDATE: I've rung the local police station and they don't see a problem - as long as the gun is in a bag and I've got my licence with me. So we'll see what happens tomorrow.


Old NFO said...

So if we don't hear from you... :-)

Julie said...

He he he Jim ... well I did take my rifle with me and did have to wait a short time for my friend to turn up. I got a few "odd" looks but no one said anything and I don't think the cops were called!

BUT when we got to the range we found out that they were doing earth works there and we couldn't shoot anyway :(