Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's a What?

From today's news we have:

Convicted armed robber Edward Nassr, on bail for having loaded gun, sentenced for possessing machine gun

A MAN found lurking in a laneway behind a hip Sydney nightclub, carrying a home-made high-powered machine gun, has been sentenced to a minimum of four years' jail.

Edward Nassr, 31, of Kellyville, told police he had been urinating in the laneway behind DCM on Oxford St when officers saw him emerge carrying a large bag strapped over one shoulder in the early hours of June 9 last year.

A radio check of his name revealed he had previously been caught with a gun in a public place, and when police asked if he had anything in the bag, he replied: "Yeah, a gun."

The "gun" turned out to be a highly lethal semi-automatic machine gun capable of firing bullets in rapid succession with one press of the trigger.

Also in the bag was a Glock brand magazine with 31 rounds of ammunition adapted to fit the machine gun, and a pair of black and red nylon gloves.

Nassr said he had been handed the bag in the laneway by "an unknown man" just 20 seconds before he was stopped by police and he planned to dispose of it.

He later pleaded guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm in a public place and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Sentencing Nassr in the District Court, Judge Penelope Hock said the weapon was highly dangerous and "a menace to the public."

"I find the offender's account to police officers on that night to be incredible,'' she said.

Nassr, who was on bail at the time for a similar offence after police caught him with a loaded pistol in a car in July 2007, also has prior convictions for armed robbery, assault and break and enter, the court heard.

Judge Hock sentenced him to a minimum of four years' jail with a balance of two years and nine months to be served on parole.

With time already served, he will be eligible for release in January 2013.


Emphasis mine ....

Okay, could someone explain how "firing bullets in rapid succession with one press of the trigger" = semi-automatic?

AND seriously you want me to believe that anyone stupid enough to tell cops he's got a gun in a bag can make a "home-made" semi-automatic machine gun?

I also love how the judge said that the "weapon was highly dangerous and "a menace to the public."" not the idiot with it!

PSH at its best ....


Crucis said...

I was thinking the same thing. How did "semi-auto" equate to "machine gun?" I've tried to explain reality to ignorant asses before in the media to no avail.

I'm beginning to believe it's a congenital condition and a requirement for employment for anyone working for the State Media.

Julie said...

Crucis too true ... as really it can't be that hard to grasp the basics of firearms?