Thursday, December 10, 2009

Feeling Very Technically Challenged Today

Two days ago my husband suggested that we get new phones as we need to upgrade/renew our phone contracts anyway and I think our phones were a couple of years old (last 'non-camera' phone that you could buy age!).

We settled on the LG - GR500f style. I like it. Having the qwerty keyboard works for me and hey, you never know, I might use the camera / internet / GPS functionality one day.

So today I needed to take all my contacts off the other phone and put them into the new one. I took them off manually - typed it into Word - culled and reviewed the list and was ready to type them into the new one.

Hubby then passes me a disk and says "use the software it will be easier".

a) It took me three goes and two computer restarts to get the software disk to read - I did check the internet site but couldn't find the software in a downloadable format

b) I typed all my contacts into the contact page in the software and then went looking for a way to send it to the phone - completely missing the BLACK (on a black background) icon (okay, it had a red smudge over it but not a big one) that said 'to Phone' (in 6pt). Managed to hit the 'to PC' one instead and wiped out all of my work !!!

c) I then decided to upload them a few at a time to ensure that it works. Each time however, I can't figure out how to review them on the phone without disconnecting the PC & phone software. Sometimes it's failing to reconnect once I've reviewed them!

d) Each contact has a 'category' option. I would like to show my contacts list by category rather than the individual entries. Do you think I can find a way to do this???

EEEEEEEEkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this phone had better be worth it in the end!

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