Friday, December 18, 2009

How Effective are CCTV Cameras?

Apparently this is a question being asked in the UK.

Not surprisingly as there are now 59,753 cameras under the control of 418 local authorities, according to this article.

Oh, and the answer - well "A London Metropolitan Police study found only one crime is solved every year for every 1,000 CCTV cameras."

There's quite a lot of interesting information on the Big Brother Watch website.


Old NFO said...

And who knows how many are missed??? Also, they are using face matching, which is NOT being given much publicity...

Crucis said...

They're installed in KC as well. The company selected swore the cameras would be a positive revenue generator by catching cars not stopping on red or breaking other traffic law.

Didn't happen.

Seems the company who monitors the cameras dumps most of the photos because they don't have enough time for close examination before the next load shows up. The local gangbangers, however, are having a ball using the cameras for target practice.