Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun on the Range

Went up the range last night with a group of friends and family, namely:
Hubby, Miss 8, Miss 6, the Club's Chief Instructor, two of Miss 6's friends from school, their parents, their 17y.o. step-sister and another guy.

None of the participants were real "newbies" but most hadn't used handguns before.

We let the kids shoot first - using the Air Pistol. Miss 6 was very keen to give it a go and shot well. After a bit of encouragement the other two 6y.o.s had a few shots too and also did well. Then the adults all had to try it out. I got the one shot into the 10 ring and decided to give up while I was in front :)

We then moved onto my Ruger 22/45, Springfield 9mm, hubby's Beretta .22 and some revolvers (I didn't get to play with the Revolvers so I'm not sure what they were). After everyone had a turn with the handguns they went away and a couple of long arms came out

One was a single shot .410 shotgun. Miss 8 was convinced to give it a go, however the stock was a bit long for her and she didn't really enjoy it (she had said earlier that she didn't want to shoot at all so it might have just been her mood at the time). I liked the .410 - can't wait until I get mine!

The other longarm was a .22 magnum rifle. It was nice to fire but my accuracy was pretty shocking. I blamed the rifle until the Chief Instructor send five rounds down range into a nice neat pattern! Bastard!

Guns were then put away and we sat down to a nice BBQ.

Good time was had by all!

Oh, my camera decided to run out of batteries just after we got started. I will try and see if I can get some photos off the others to post.


Don said...

Sounds like a good shooty time was had by all. Definitely a nice way to spend time with family and friends.

Old NFO said...

That was a good stress reliever for you too! Good idea to quit while you're ahead...LOL

Berys said...

Sounds Like a great night

cocked and loaded said...

Nothing like a day at the range.