Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Firearms Licencing System - Followup

I received a letter from the Minister for Police; Emergency Services; Road Safety regarding my email which I blogged about in this post.

The letter itself quite impressive (with the gold ministerial crest and all) but only says:
Thank you for your correspondence received in this office on 10 December 2009 regarding the new firearms licensing system.

The matters raised will be brought to the attention of the Minister and a response will be provided to you shortly.

Will be interested to see if I receive a follow up with anything substantial.

In other news, I still have not received any information regarding the application I put in for the shotgun and rifle on December 7th. Apparently some people are getting their licenses approved within two weeks so I will call licensing tomorrow and see if I can get any information as to why mine is taking so long.


Old NFO said...

Obiously you pissed them off Julie, it will be 6 months before you see anything... sigh...

Crucis said...

Six months? I think you may consider yourself lucky to get one at all. Tyrants don't like to be tweaked nor questioned.